How To Become a Webcam Model







Getting Started

The hardest step is getting started. A lot of people will look and consider over and over, knowing how lucrative it can be and really wanting to take the first step to join. Take the first step, believe me, it will be worth it. Some may think, I don't have the looks or I'm shy...don't think like that. The largest group of webcam models in demand are housewives or 'mature' ladies. Come on, we all saw Susan on Desperate Housewives do it!! Don't get me wrong, the market is still huge for the young girls and niche or ethnic groups such as Asians, Latinas or Eastern European girls; transgendered and male models are also HUGE, but the 'regular' girl has a special appeal. So the point is, you don't need to look like a Playboy bunny or be rated a '10' to enjoy success. You need nothing more than a PC, an Internet connection and a webcam on your PC, no special software or downloads. Be prepared to provide proof of who you are though, obviously, we have to be concerned with who is signing up. You'll need a scanned form of ID to be able to upload so we can verify you're real. You can register in less than 10 minutes and be on your way to earning...So take the first step!

Am I the 'type' to be a Webcam Model

This is a big sticking point for anyone trying to get started and there is no "type" as we discussed above . Usually, the need for extra cash overides the shyness. But some have a hard time with the explicit nature, after all, let's not lie to ourselves here, there will be nudity for the most part. There is a NO NUDE option where the worst you'll wear is a bikini or similar, and you can make very good money with this option as well. The biggest fear for some,...Oh my God, what if someone recognizes me...or what if my neighbor is a client. Honestly, the chance of that is extremely minimal. Don't forget a couple of things, number one, the site is international, so chances are, you'll be camming with someone in France as opposed to the clerk at the local food store. Again, you choose your hours, so daytime in the U.S. is evening or night time elsewhere in the world. Number two, your anonymity is well respected. Obviously you're not using your real name in cam and bear in mind, you can train your camera down to show neck and below during free a lot of guys will ask to see your face, let them concentrate on what they CAN see for now. The way I look at it, being a webcam model is about 100 steps above being a dancer in a gentleman's club...not that there's anything wrong with that, but here, you're behind a camera, completely anonymous and picking who YOU want to talk to.

What can I earn as a Webcam Model

The beauty of this is that it's unaffected by the economy. I've personally seen NO drop-off in business since the economy took a downturn. Sorry to sound cliche on this one, but it is entirely up to you. The process is entirely up to you as to when you want to sign in and how many hours you want to work. There is no minimum or maximum. Earnings will vary with what you charge as well, you're setting your price per minute. We share a percentage with you. Depending on monthly specials, it can vary up to 55%. There are also bonuses involoved when you reach certain goals. So using this criteria, let's figure out a sample income, don't forget, you're working per minute here, not per hour: Price per minute set at $2, let's use a 40% share as an example, that will equate to $48 per hour for you. Let's say you only logged 5 hours for the week, that will bring you $240....bringing it out to monthly, that's $960 for the month. Not bad for a very minimal amount of work. Do the math quickly in your head if you worked double of what we just discussed.

Create a Following

A lot of cam performers fall victim to quick in and out. They'll make $100 or $200 and kind of drop off. Honestly, I'm always suprised by that. Most people would be more motivated when they see a couple of hundred dollars for a pretty minimal amount of 'work'. Create a schedule for yourself so you can commit the time at least several times a week. Believe me, 2-3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week will make a big difference rather than just sporadically jumping on because you want to throw a few extra bucks in your pocket. We're all creatures of habit, and signing on at the same times every day and days of the week will eventually build you some sort of following. Test your hours and find what times are best suited for a bit more activity and then try to stick to it. But by all means, once you decide, try to abide by it. Ten-fifteen 'regulars' combined with the one hitters during the time you're on will reap more than you think.

Just for examples sake, let's say you have 10 'regulars'. We'll count on each of them signing in with you once a week. That's 2 'regulars' a day if you log in 5 days a week. Let's say you charge $2 a minute and each regular spends only 15 minutes signed on with you...that's $60 and commision to you of $20-30!! Throw on just one quick hitter for let's say just 10 minutes and you just made another $7-10. So for 40 minutes of your time, you made $30-40, not bad...AND, you've got another 80 minutes of your allotted 2 hours for the day to earn. That is why regulars are important to cultivate. Believe me, as long as you carry yourself well, are polite and upbeat (even though it can be difficult at times), people will respond and they WILL come back for more. I always use going to a restaurant as an example, one restaurant has the BEST Veal Piccata around, and it's actually a bit cheaper than another restaurant you go to. Their Piccata is almost as good, even a couple of bucks more, but when you walk in, you're greeted with a warm smile, the staff remembers you, everyone is opposed to the first restaurant, the staff is a bit cold, they always look at you as if it's your first time there and being polite is more like a job than sincerity. You'll ALWAYS go back to the place that treated you better even if it's a bit more expensive and not quite as's human nature. Same rules apply here. So, build a following and reap the benefits!




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